2nd: Hialeah Laddie F. At Hialeah Park (400yds., to Debs RQD, def. Swingin Daddyo, Thad Matta, etc.) Tx. Cl. F. Trl. At Lone Star Park (400yds., to First Prize Leesa, def. Runaway Fees, Zoomin To The Ocean, etc.), Hialeah Laddie F. Trl. at Hialeah Park (400yds., to JP Cruiser, def. JA Caliente Express, Jesses Swinger, etc. Qual.); 3rd: Heritage Place F. at Remington Park (350yds., to Separacrest, KR Lord Of War, def. BP Koolen Down, Parr For Me, etc.), a maiden race at Remington Park (250yds., to Ha Chi Mama, Parr For Me, def. Mercedes E Motion, Five Star Cartel, etc.).

At Three: WON: Sunland Park Winter D.-G3 at Sunland Park (400yds., def. First Prize Leesa, Corona For The Lady, etc.), Sunland Park Winter D. Trl. at Sunland Park (400yds., def. Urbanite, Silk Mountain, etc. Qual.); 2nd: Tx. Cl. D. Trl. at Lone Star Park. (440yds., to First Corona Call, def. StreakinDown, Bertha Venation, etc. Qual.), All American D.Trl. at Ruidoso Downs (440yds., to Sir Seth, def. AB Knigth, JA Golsablazin, etc.); 3rd: an optional claming race at Zia Park (400yds., to Honor Me Good, Double Chiseled, def. Safehaven, Van Zant, etc.); 4th: Tx. Cl. D.-G1 (400yds.).

At Five: 5th: Mighty Deck Three H. (250yds.).

WHATHAVEIGOTTADO’s first foals are 2 year olds of 2016.


HIS SIRE, SHAZOOM si 102: 9 wins to 3, $178,606, Speedhorse Sprint F.-RG3, El Reno S., 3rd Tx. Cl F.-G1 Fullerton H., O B Cockerell H., fnl. Remington Park D.-G1, Speedhorse Gold & Silver Cup F.-RG2, Lazy E D., Retama Park F. Sire of 1,165 QH APHA & ApHC race age foals, 908 starters, 636 winners, 771 ROM, 159 blacktype horses, 5 Champions, with earning of $23,892,215, from 16 crops raced.
SHINING SKY si 102 [g., dam by Hempen TB]. Champion 2-Year-Old Gelding. 10 Wins to 5, $494,009, Retama Park F.-G1, Sam Houston F.-G1, Am. Air. East Chal.-G3, 2nd Tx. Cl. F.-G1, 3rd Dash For Cash D.-G1 Miss Polly Cl.-G3, fnl. Retama Park D.-G1 Sam Houston D.-G2.
LETT HER ZOOM si 103 [f., Vital Sign]. Champion 2-Year-Old Filly. 4 Wins to 3, $309.167, Kansas F.-G2 2nd Tx. Cl. F.-G1, Bayer Legend Cen. Chal.-G3, 3rd Firecracker F.-G3.
ZOOM N LA REE APHA si 91 [f., The Signature] Champion Running Paint Breeding Stock 3-Year-Old Filly, Champion Running Breeding Stock 3-Year-Old Filly. 5 wins to 4, $98,249, Okla. Pt. F.-G1, TPHBA D., 2nd Speedhorse Pt. & App. D.-RG1, OHA F.-G2, 3rd Graham Pt. F.-G1, Dash For Colors S., etc.
MEZOOMN si 103 [c., Special Task] Champion Canadian Horse. 10 wins to 3, $83,837, Ford Can. Chal., All Canadian F. of Alberta, Horsesma’s D., 2nd Canadian QH Cup F.-RG2, Canadian QH Cup D.-RG3, Alberta Bred D.-RG3, Bayer Legend Canada Chal.
Shazooms Image APHA si 88 [c., Calyx]. Champion Running Paint 2-Year-Old Colt. 2 wins to 4, $16,436, 2nd Manor Pt. & App. F.-G3, Colors Of Houston F.-G3, fnl. La Perla S.
BON ACCORD si 105 [g., Royal Quick Dash]. 6 wins to 4, $821,470, Remington Park Invit. Champ.-G1, Go Man Go H.-G1, 2nd All American D.-G1, 3rd Rbt. L. Boniface LA Invit.-G1, etc.
AZOOM si 107 [c., Beduino TB]. 11 wins at 2 $738,136, Tx. Cl. F.-G1 Sam Houston F.-G1, TQHA Sale F.-RG1, Ford Mex. Chal., 2nd TQHA Sires’ Cup F.-RG2, etc., Ntr HOU 400yds.
MR QUEENS MYSTERY si 101 [c., First Place Dash]. 5 wins to 4, $599,381, Tx. Cl. F.-G1, Manor Downs D.-G3, fnl. Tx. Cl. D.-G1.


1st Dam:
STRAWBERRY SILK si 105 (1987) by Beduino TB. AQHA Supreme Race Horse, Champion 2 Year Old, Champion 2-Year-Old Filly, High Money Earning Horse. 11 wins to 4, $1,266,264, All American F.-G1, Sun Country F.-G1 2nd Rainbow F.-G1, Kansas F.-G1, 4th Kansas D.-G1, etc. An All-Time Leading Dam of ROM. Dam of 27foals, 24 starters, 14 winners, 20 ROM, including.
STOLI si 99 (c. By First Down Dash). Champion 3 Year Old, Champion Three-Year-Old Colt. 10 wins to 3, $332,237, All American D.-G1, W. Tx. F.-G1, Z Wayne Griffin Dir. S.-G3 PCQHRA S., etc. Sire. WHATHAVEIGOTTADO si 108 (c. By Shazoom). Subject Stallion.
ROUSING ENCORE si 93 (f. by First Down Dash). 3 wins to 4, $94,233, All American Juv. Invit.-RG3, etc. Dam Of
Deepintheheartotexas si 97 (c. By Corona Cartel). 3 wins to 5, 2015, $21,776. Shooter James si 84 (c. By Ivory James). Placed to 3, 2015, $17,756. Dont Steal Mheart si 88 (f. by Omega Code TB). 2 wins to 3, $17,430.
CASHINGTON si 101 (g. By Takin On The Cash). 6 wins to 6, $78,489, O B Cockerell H., 4th W. Tx. D.-G3, fnl. Rainbow F.-G1, etc.
PAPPASITO si 96 (c. By Corona Cartel). 3 wins at 2, $39,365, NM Ford Juv. Chal.-G3. Sire.
Strawberry Dash si 95(f. by First Down Dash). 4 wins to 5, $68,850, 4th S. Calif. D.-G1, 5th Los Alamitos D.-G1, Charger Bar H.-G1, etc. Dam of Angels Envy si 87 (f. by Mr Jess Perry). 2 wins to 3, $17,167.
Straw Perry Silk si 94 (f. by Mr Jess Perry). Winner to 3, $19,735. Dam Of Sixes Straw si 99 (g. By First Down Dash). 3 wins to 5 $49,546, 5th Sam Houston D. Chal.-G2. Fnl. Prairie Meadows Champ.. Chal.-G2, etc.
Sovereign Silk si 107 (c. By Royal Quick Dash). Winner to 3, $18,349, fnl. El Primero del Año D.-G2.
Strawberry Cartel si 91 (f. by Corona Cartel). Winner, $8,625. Dam of Blues Cartel si 93 (f. by Jess Louisiana Blue). 2 wins to 3, $24,112.
Thundering Applause si 89 (f. by First Down Dash). Winner, $4,442. Dam of DM Snow Patrol si 92 (g. By Snowbond TB). 3 wins to 6, 2015, $36,031.
Lookin Foxy si 99 (f. by Carters Cartel). 2 wins to 3, $17,088. Feverallthruthenight si 82 (f. by Walk Thru Fire). Placed at 2, $1,798. Dam of
All About Tonight si 87 (f. by Carters Cartel). Winner to 3, $16,075, 2nd W. Tx. Juv. Invit.
High Silk si 90 (f. by On A High). Placed at 2. Dam of
THEWAYITALLWENTDOWN si 105 (g. By Feature Mr Jess). 6 wins to 5, $62,269, Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer 550 S.-RG3, etc.
Crimson Silk si 93 (f. by Corona Caliente). 2 wins to 4, $12,339, 3rd Ft. Pierre F.
Apache heart si 89 (f. by Feature Mr Jess). Winner to 5, $16,732. Dam of
Apachedashing si 91 (2015, $29,155).
Mornings Snow si 89 (f. by This Snow Is Royal). 2 wins to 3, $10,939.
Dam of Morning Sue si 94 ($18,315), etc.
Secret Proposal (f. by Raise A Secret). Placed, $2,734. Dam of Pcpstotal Package si 90 ($31,540), Takin Careofbusiness si 91 ($19,500), Lilbitofattitude si 97 ($18,416), etc.
Sixty N High (f.by Sixarun). Placed at 2. Dam of Featured High si 96 ($33,564), Heza Fast High si 113 ($159,400), Eastside Brew si 94 ($15, 498), etc.

2nd Dam:
PAINTED BUG si 113 (1980) by Shawne Bug. 17 wins to 5, $274,569, Ruidoso 550 Champ., etc. Dam of 14 foals, 13 starters, 8 winners, 9 ROM, including Eyesa Painted Bug si 92 ($40,646), Paint Me Easy si 97 ($8,695), etc. Granddam of ARCTIC OCEAN si 96 ($13,724), Painted Silk si 94 ($65,727), CR Start Your Injuns si 90 ($12,141), First Arctic Dash si 98 ($47,091), Arctic Dash si 94 ($46,240), etc.


"El Shazoom"

Shazoom SI 102 - Strawberry Silk SI 105

Padrillo adquirido en EEUU junto a Haras El Silencio de Diego A. Martire

2007 Gray 15.3 Hands
Race and (Stakes) Record: Starts 23 - 6, 1st - 5, 2nd - 4, 3rd - Earned: $157,687

At Two: WON: All American F. Trl. at Ruidoso Downs (440yds., def. Ms Athenas Dividend, Cmonbaby Litemy Fire, etc.), Dash For Cash F. Trl. at Lone Star Park (400yds.) def. Fire and Corona, Azoomin With Jessie, etc), a maiden race at Ruidoso Down (300yds., def. A Late Check, Shady Lady Shay, etc. .....Ver más